Ambassador of Angola in the Kingdom of Belgium, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Diplomatic Mission at the European Union

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our website. This new space, created for your convenience, aims at providing easy access to a wide range of information on our country’s current socio-economic affairs and its cultural and political lifeWe wish to keep in touch with the communities based in Belgium and Luxembourg, let you know of our activities and, above all, provide answers to your questions or suggestions.


  • General elections take place in a “free, fair and transparent”

    The international observers present in the Angolan general elections praised…

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  • The Government establishes 160,000 new public sector positions

    Counting on occupational training to support economic diversification

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  • The President of the Republic calls for freedom to vote, for justice and credibility in the upcoming general elections

    The Council of the Republic, on the basis of the…

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  • Angola will have a Central Water Laboratory from next year.

    The capital of Angola, Luanda, will have a Central Water…

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