João Lourenço tightens the fight against crime.

The National Police of Angola should strengthen their fight against the illegal sale of foreign currency on the street.

The President of the Republic is concerned about the high level of drug trafficking and foreign currency on the black market in the country, including violent crime and illegal immigration, primarily associated with diamond mining in the east.

João Lourenço promises to adopt a heavy-handed approach to anything considered to be a threat to the peace of the citizens, national security and the development of the economy.

The new commandeer of the National Police, Commissioner General Alfredo Mingas “Panda”, promises to prioritise cooperation with the other state agencies in the fight against crime in the country, developing civil society and the families in the process of eradicating various kinds of violence.

The Executive intends to implement a new dynamic in the discipline of the population, encouraging it to collaborate with the authorities in the prevention of and fight against crime.