National Symbols

The National Flag

The national flag of the Republic of Angola was adopted in 1975, on the occasion of the Proclamation of Independence.

The National Flag has two colours, arranged in two horizontal bands. The upper band is crimson red and the lower one is black, which have the following meaning:

  1. a) Crimson red – represents the blood shed by Angolans during colonial oppression, in the fight for national liberation and in defence of the homeland;
  2. b) Black – The African continent

At the centre, there is a composition consisting of a section of a cogwheel, the symbol of international solidarity and progress.

The cogwheel, the machete and the star are yellow, representing the wealth of the country.


Bandeira Angola










Angolan flag


The Emblem of the Republic

The Emblem of the Republic of Angola is composed of a segment of a cogwheel and foliage of maize, coffee and cotton plants, which represents workers and industry, farmers and agricultural production.

At the base of the design are an open book, a symbol of education and culture, and a rising sun, which represents the rising of the New Country. At the centre are a machete and a hoe, symbolising work and the beginning of the armed struggle. The emblem is crowned by a star, a symbol of international solidarity and progress.

At the bottom of the emblem, the inscription ‘Republic of Angola’ is written on a gold band.




The National Anthem


“Angola Avante” (Onward, Angola)


The national anthem was adopted in 1975, after the country was freed from the Portuguese colonial yoke.


Oh, Homeland, we shall never forget

The heroes of the Fourth of February.

Oh, Homeland, we salute your sons

Who fell for our Independence.


We honour our past and our History,

Working to build the New Man,

(repeat the last two lines)




Onward, Angola!

Revolution to bring Power to the People!

United Country, Freedom,

One People, one Nation!


(repeat chorus)


Let us raise our voices in freedom

For the glory of the peoples of Africa.

Onward, march, Angolan fighters,

In solidarity with all oppressed peoples.



We shall fight proudly for Peace

Beside the world’s progressive forces.

(repeat the last two lines)




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