The Budget for 2018 will be voted on by the National Assembly on 18 January

The draft law of the General State Budget (GSB) for 2018, the first of the executive led by João Lourenço, forecasts economic growth of 4.9% and is expected to be voted on January 18 in Parliament.

This is followed by a broad calendar of discussions and hearings involving social partners and representatives of the Government, as well as a number of meetings in the different Parliamentary Committees.

 For the coming year, the Government expects a deficit of 697.4 billion Kwanzas (3.5 billion Euros), equivalent to 2.9% of gross domestic product (GDP) and expenses and revenues of 9,658 billion Kwanzas (48,300 million) which will translate into economic growth of 4.9% of GDP.

 In the GSB of 2017, the last one presented by José Eduardo dos Santos as President of the Republic and Head of Government, the budget entered in the heading for Defence, Security and Public Order, which includes military, police, prison services, courts and fire, amounted to 1,012 billion Kwanza (5,000 million), equivalent to 20% of all expenditure.

By 2018, the state should spend about 975 billion Kwanzas (4.9 billion Euros) in Defence and Security. It also expects to spend 11.30% of public spending on education, equivalent to 517.7 billion Kwanzas (2.6 billion Euros), 7.40% with health, in the order of 339.1 billion Kwanzas (1,700 million), and Social Protection (14.83%), with around 680 billion Kwanzas (3,400 million Euros).

 The overall final vote of the proposal is scheduled for February 15 in the National Assembly as provided in the legislation, in light of the holding of general elections in August 2017.